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    Warm bathrobe with embroidery is an unforgetable present for wedding, birthday or other holiday. It will please it's owner, also you'll present pleasant emotions.And the outright gift should be exactly so!

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Free shipping within Moscow. Live in another city? Buy 2 bathrobes and we'll pay for shipping!

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Do you have the image which you like? Send it to us and we'll prepare a embroidery, based on your draft!

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What present is presented without a gift box? It is neсessarry!

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We know how it is - to be waiting for a courier for the whole day. We are ready to deliver a bathrobe strictly in time.

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Different embroideries

There is a majourity of variants of embroidery: on a back, on a bosom, on a mitten. One of the latest fad - monogram with a name on a bosom. Bathrobe with such embroidery is a marvelous present for just married. We are always improving our original style of work. Sure, you'd enjoy it. One boy wanted a black bathrobe with a picture with Batman. Why not? - we answered. And we made it. The boy was happy. Friends presented the vinous bathrobe with bowing gloves, made of golden embroidery to a man, who was fond of box. Now this man whats to present a bathrobe with chess, embroidered on it to his friend, who likes to play chess.

Place an order

Need help? Get a dial-back!

We provide a unique thing - name embroidered bathrobe

It depends. MoiHalat is smooth and qualitative initially. You don’t have to wash a bathrobe to become smoother.

- It gives you comfort and high mood each time you put it on
- Wearing MoiHalat you get relax for your body
- It doesn’t provide allergic reactions. MoiHalat is natural and your skin can breathe
- It's ligth. We use verified density of terry - 380g/m2
- It can easily manage with moisture on your body
- It's low-maintenance. Always fresh, beautiful and soft, after every washing

Industrially, using professional instruments. Our embroiderers go to international exhibitions, they show their works there. They always have smth to surprise you. Our embroidery has warranty of quality - 15 years!

MoiHalat is made and delivered in three days after ordering. We can make it faster, if you really need it.

We use different ways of shipping: Russian Post, some courier delivery (EMS, etc.) You may choose different ways, it depends on the date you want to get your order. We'll offer you the most suitable way, according to the criteria time/cost.

- If you buy one MoiHalat, you pay when you get it, or you may use advanced payment (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) If you buy few MoiHalat,
- advanced payment 100% is necessary.

You may return it only if there are faults with fancywork or fabric, but there were no registered icidents. Unfortunately, in other ways you can't do it because you wear it nude and a fancywork is made individually.

After ordering we contact you durng the day, if you place an order after lunch, then we connect you the next day. We specify all nuances about fancywork and tell you the delivery date. If we can't phone you, we send you SMS and e-mail.We receive orders at the weekend, but we contact you the first office day.

Yes. You may send us a picture and we'll make a maquette. The cost of it depends on complexity of a picture. At the time of the order we tell you bottom-line cost. Also you may send us ready-made maquette in the format .eps or .crd.

You may leave a feedback in our social media groups, also you cam send your commentary on our e-mail: info@moihalat.ru

Bathrobe with embroidery

A bathrobe with name is a must-have thing. You can’t do without it in your bedroom, in health resorts, or in your kitchen. This garment makes you feel warm and comfortable. A bathrobe with a customer tailored embroidery is a special thing in a wardrobe.

It will be a real gift for it’s owner. Judging by ever growing demand customers in Russia and Europe highly appreciate this novelty – a bathrobe with embroidery. It is also very popular in other regions.

It is so nice to get wrapped in a warm comfortable name embroidered bathrobe after swimming pool, or just while relaxing at home.

Our rich collection will fit everybody. To deliver quality, good looks and comfort of our bathrobes with name are our aim.

We have a wide range of samples of various colours at our disposal. Many factors, such as fabric, style, there being of pockets and embroidery, brand effect the price. Red and white models are most popular for women. What a pleasure to get wrapped in a hooded terry robe after bath and to have a cup of tea on a terrace.

A bathrobe with embroidery is regarded as a unique thing to please it’s owner. Such model are becoming more and more popular.

These are the most popular fabrics, used for gentlemen and  ladies bathrobes:

-Microfiber. It is long and hard-wearing. It’s breathable and warm. Coloring is lasting and doesn’t fade. No pills, no broadwise extension. With this bathrobe you get quality, comfort and beauty.

-Thin terry fabric. It is the best fabric for bathrobes due to it’s porosity. A terry robe will absorb extra moisture like a towel after a bath or wile doing your house.

A stylish bathrobe will make a real present for every woman or girl. They will appreciate your care for them. Men’s and children’s bathrobes with embroidery are also a marvelous present.

Be free to consult our stuff. We are happy to help you with a right choice.


Shipping and payment:

The price for MoHalat varies from 3700 rub (52$). to 7000 (100$) rub. Order of 3 and more bathrobes – 100% advanced payment. 

How to pay?

You may choose:

-paying cash. In this case, you give money to a courier. If you choose postal delivery, you cash on delivery. 

-non-cash payment. You may choose the most suitable way: a bank card (VISA, MasterCard, etc.), Web Money, Qiwi-Wallet, your mobile-phone, etc.

All non-cash payments go through a proven service www.onpay.ru. 


1. By courier: Free delivery

2-3 days

-within MRHW

10.00 – 20.00 (weekday) : Free

-beyond MRHW 

10:00 – 20:00 (weekday) : Free

-outside Moscow

Up to 10 km from MRHW (weekday) – 520 rub (5$).

Over 10 km from MRHW (weekday) : depends on the place of delivery. Our manager will tell you the final fee.

Express delivery: order MoiHalat in the morning and getting in the evening

Note: In case you refuse, you pay 300 rub(4$). for courier’s trip

2. Courier’s delivery to other regions of Russia:

EMS Russian Post “door to door” delivery

750 rub.(12$), 3-7 days after shipping

Delivery terms see here

SPSR “door to door” delivery

1200 rub. (15$), 3-4 days after shipping

It usually takes about 7 days to make and to deliver a bathrobe.

3. Russian Post

400 rub.(8$), 7-10 days 

4. Pick-up (m. Paveletskaya) – Free!

Working hours of pickup point: 

Weekdays: 10 am – 7 pm.

Weekends: 11 am – 5 pm.

Moscow, Ugreshskaya st., 12-1, office 125 

Actual address. If you use Moscow Metro, near station Dubrovka you can find a tram station. You can catch any tram, if you see that it’s final destination is Ugreshskaya. Getting to Ugreshskaya station takes you 5 stops. Near tram station you can fing Ugreshskiy business center. Pass it from the right side and you see the check-point.  When you pass it say that you are going to the typography №1 and that you need office 125. 

5.  Postal delivery CIS countries

We can ship our goods to CIS countries. Shipping cost is 1500 rub. (about 17$).

If you are using international post you should make 100% advanced payment including shipping fees. 

We ship the item during 3 days after payment via Russian Post. Average estimated delivery time is 14-17 workdays. 



Причиной к возврату ЛАДД МойХалат, может быть только дефект вышивки или ткани.

К сожалению, возврат МоегоХалата не предусмотрен, так как он носится на открытое тело, и индивидуальная вышивка делается под каждого клиента отдельно.

Гарантия вышивки:

На вышивку дается гарантия 10 лет. Если, после получения халата, у Вас будут претензии к качеству вышивки, Вам нужно направить письмо в течение 14 дней на адрес info@moihalat.ru с текстом ВЫШИВКА, с фото и описанием брака. День отправки письма – считается днем обращения. Мы рассмотрим письмо в максимально короткие сроки, максимум 3 дня.



Reasons for comeback are different size or problem with 


Embroidery warranties: 10 years

Tell us about problem by e-mail.

When you pay online (Visa, MasterCard and etc.) cash-back 

will be by the same variant wich you pay.



Совершая покупку в интернет-магазине, клиент соглашается со всеми перечисленными ниже условиями.

Договор оферта


1.1. Настоящие Условия регулируют взаимоотношения интернет-магазина и Покупателя.
1.2. Интернет-магазин сохраняет за собой право в одностороннем порядке вносить изменения в настоящий Договор с предварительной их публикацией на сайте.
1.3. Настоящий Договор имеет приоритет перед иными документами.

Статус интернет-магазина MoiHalat . ru

2.1. Интернет-магазин предназначен для организации дистанционного способа продажи товаров через сеть интернет.
2.2. Сделки интернет-магазина, регулируются договором купли-продажи (см.ниже) на условиях публичной оферты. Произведя акцепт оферты (т.е. оплату оформленного в интернет-магазине заказа), Покупатель получает в собственность товар на условиях Договора купли-продажи.
2.4. Интернет-магазин не несет ответственности за содержание и достоверность информации, предоставленной Покупателем при оформлении заказа.

Статус Покупателя

3.1. Покупателем является гражданин (ка), оформившие заказ в интернет-магазине на условиях Договора купли-продажи (публичной оферты интернет-магазина).
3.2. Покупатель несет ответственность за достоверность предоставленной при оформлении заказа информации.
3.3. Оплата Покупателем оформленного в интернет-магазине заказа означает полное согласие Покупателя с условиями Договора купли-продажи (публичной оферты интернет-магазина) и является датой заключения Договора купли-продажи между интернет-магазином и Покупателем.
3.4. Использование ресурса интернет-магазина для просмотра и выбора товара, а так же для оформления заказа является для Покупателя безвозмездным.

Доступ к информации о Покупателе

4.1. Информация, предоставленная Покупателем является конфиденциальной.
4.2. Интернет-магазин использует информацию о Покупателе исключительно в целях функционирования интернет-магазина (отправление уведомления Покупателю о выполнении заказа и т.д.) и в случаях, указанных в настоящем Договоре-оферте.

Порядок заключения договора купли-продажи

5.1. При оформлении заказа в интернет-магазине, Покупатель обязан предоставить о себе правдивую информацию.
5.2. Волеизъявление Покупателя осуществляется посредством внесения Покупателем соответствующих данных в форму заказа в интернет-магазине и осуществлением акцепта публичной оферты интернет-магазина (т.е. оплаты Покупателем оформленного заказа на условиях Договора купли-продажи).
5.3. Интернет-магазин не редактирует информацию о Покупателе.
5.4. Порядок оплаты, срок доставки, срок выполнения заказа и прочие существенные условия указываются в Договоре купли-продажи (публичной оферте интернет-магазина).

Обязательства сторон по исполнению договора

6.1. После акцепта (т.е. после оплаты Покупателем заказа), интернет-магазин и Покупатель принимают на себя обязательства и получают права, изложенные в договоре купли-продажи (см. ниже).
7.1. Правила возврата денежных средств
Возврат денежных средств осуществляется тем же методом, которым товар был оплачен ранее

Пункт выдачи работает с 10 до 19 по будням, с 11 до 17 в выходные дни.

Адрес: г.Москва, Озерковская набережная, д.48-50, стр.2, подъезд 7А

Точный адрес. м.Павелецкая (кольцевая). Выйдя из метро, Вы оказываетесь на Садовом кольце, перед Вами через дорогу будет Павелецкий вокзал. Не переходя дорогу, идете НАЛЕВО вдоль Садового кольца. Проходите переcечение с ул.Бахрушина, затем поворачиваете налево на ул.Татарская. Через 200 м., после продуктового магазина поворачиваете во двор направо и находите наш дом 48-50 стр.2 и подъезд 7А. От метро 5-6 мин. пешком.



Every company wants to buy corporate presents for their workers. And its better for company to make such present unique and unforgettable.
Bathrobe with corporate embroidery becomes one of the most original gifts.
We make a special offer for spa centers, medical centers, beauty salons. We can make an embroidery on your clothes or we can produce our bathrobe with your logo.



Requisites - Individual Businessman: Chekmaev Sergey
License 311774626500602 ИНН 773272553402
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БИК 044525555 к/сч 30101810400000000555
ОКПО 40092868 ОКОНХ 96120
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Adress: 119634 Moscow Sculptora Mukhinoy str., 12
Adress: 119634 Moscow Sculptora Mukhinoy str., 12


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